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Bin IT! is an interactive 2-hander anti gum litter TIE show, developed by Edcoms on behalf of Wrigleys, lasting from 50 - 75 minutes, depending on time available, with audience numbers from 30 - 150.

Bin IT! Still 3 cropped
"Thank you so much for the wonderful drama ... both educational and entertaining and the feedback from the students was extrememly positive, they really enjoyed the hour" [King's Hospital]
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"actors were excellent. Students who took part found it entertaining and educational" [St. Joseph's.]
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"Great experience...several students commented on it this morning. We liked the role reversal part - it was an eye opener." [Rosary College]

" TIE show to ever visit the school" [Scoil Chríost Rí.]

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An Independent Production directed by Olga Novokretchenova. Okasama, I'm Leaving is the story of a teenage daughter who runs away from home in search of independence. The relations between mother and daughter have grown into ireconcilable conflict. The mother is a lonely, tired woman who attempts to make her daughter come down to earth by imposing her own realistic views of people and life onto her daughter, and unmercifully making fun of her daughter's dreams. During one of their disputes, mother throws out the fatal words - 'If you go, don't come back'. These words change their lives for ever. It is a story of mistrust, fear and intolerance; and learning to trust .. again.
Siobhán plays the lead supporting female role of Mother.
Currently in production, footage will be added to SHOWREEL section when available. Stills will be added to the STILLS GALLERY page when available.

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Frank and Della are married to each other - and to Elvis, or so it seems to Della. The short film "A Little Less Conversation" directed by Lyndsey O'Neill shines a light on the communication breakdown between husband and wife.
Poster for A Little Less Conversation
Is Frank using his obsession with Elvis and his hair as a way of not confronting his marital problems? Della, homely and motherly, always wears a smile in front of Frank, but is craving his attention and is desperate to converse with him. His dismissive attitude upsets her, but Della finally decides that the time has definitely arrived, when two's company but three's a crowd. Della comes up with a cunning plan ...but does it work?!
Siobhán undertakes the Lead Female Role of Della in this production.
Stills are available on the STILLS GALLERY page.
Footage will be added to the SHOWREEL page when available.

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The Independently Produced short film 'Rat Trap' directed by Eric Gaffney, concerns the downfall of John Brien and his wife Diane. Having fallen into debt, their marriage falls apart. Incapable of dealing with the pressures of his situation by himself, John resorts to drinking heavily. He is eventually fired from his job. With no income and an ever growing dependency on alcohol, the inevitable happens, the bank attempts a repossession of the house. However, things do not go smoothly when John refuses to leave the house and a violent stand off with the Police ensues.
Siobhán plays the lead supporting female role of Diane Brien.
Footage available to view on the SHOWREEL page. Stills available to view on the STILLS GALLERY page under the tab "Rat Trap"